My audio engineer Reston Phillips will explain his Podcast Recording Service in detail below - Recording, Editing, Mix & Mastering Services With a flexible range of services and prices from the recording process to finalisation, I'm looking forward to bringing your podcast idea to life. I am available to produce in both English and German. Contact for details. What you are paying for... I am a native English speaking freelance audio engineer with a bachelor’s degree in audio engineering from SAE Institute Berlin. I've most recently worked as an audio engineer for a podcast series from a female entrepreneurial group with English and German speaking guests from around the world providing a full production service. No shortcuts are used; I do all audio engineering by hand. No automated magic robots which process your podcast episode in 20-minutes and call it “engineering” or “mastering”. I give my clients my time and full attention. Equipment Rental... I can supply professional equipment. I already have everything for a 2 person podcast. Any more than this would be additional cost for rental. Recording Engineer... 1. Microphone placement, briefing speakers about proper vocal recording, i.e. how to speak into the microphone, don't move around in your squeaky chair, if you mis-speak pause for a brief moment and keep going, etc... 2. Will provide solutions for better quality guest audio via Zoom call, etc. All helping to create a comfortable atmosphere for an easy-going session. 3. Manually adjusting input levels to account for any increase/decrease in vocal performance. A good recording is the foundation for a quality final product. Steps of Post - Production: 1. Editing for content. This is where I listen to your episode and remove things like awkward pauses, mistakes, umms, ahs, people talking over each other, and things you specifically tell us that you want to remove. 2. Engineering the Audio. Personalized mixing for every voice to bring balance to all the voices for an easy, smooth listening experience. Making both voices match sonically. Insuring that each voice is taken care of, as its own person, with individual characteristics. Reducing inhale and exhale breath sound levels to eliminate unpleasant noise 3. Mastering your podcast. Mastering of the audio for the medium in which the podcast will be listened to. Meeting industry standards for loudness. i.e. Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc... Corrections... Up to two correction versions without additional payment Summary... - These skills help to eliminate errors that would turn away interested listeners. - Ensure that your guest will sound professional and feel happy with the result. - A quality product will also, of course, promote future interview opportunities and set a reputation of professional quality standard Contact us to discuss your project.