As a Director of Photography (DOP) I would become the creative leader during your video production. It’s a position full of responsibility, and one I take incredibly seriously. As a Director of Photography, I have camera skills, lighting knowledge and the ability to work with the entire camera crew to create the aesthetics of your vision. I will be working very closely with the Director for the project in an effort to bring your vision to life. During the video production stages I will also work closely with the lighting crew, Costume Designers, and any Hair and Makeup persons in an effort to make the project run smoothly. I will also need to be part of the executive team that gets your production from conception - to a finalised and finished product. I will take careful assessments of all locations, and develop a list of equipment needs for the entire production as well as being responsible for coordinating the camera crew, making sure equipment is all working, and testing out any special lenses, accessories or filters. I promise to lead your crew of other photographers with clarity and precision. Please contact me to discuss your vision so I can provide the most accurate and fair price depending on your project specifications.