We have designed and created beautiful yet simplistic ingot bars. These bars are hand made by my brother Thomas Drewery - a talented craftsman and beloved family member in England. Aluminium is hand poured into moulds, polished and stamped with the logo of escapismist. We truly believe this one of a kind piece would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s stack. Pre-Order now before the official release in 2024 • Poured, finished, and stamped by hand the heart of Lincolnshire UK. • Every Ingot is handmade and totally unique with an individual patina finish. • Contains approximately 280g of Aluminium. (9.90oz)

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About this product

If you're a fan of unique collectibles made by independent artists in the underground scene then we believe the Silver Ingot is a must-have addition to your collection. The first release has already made an impact on local collectors with a penchant for rare and valuable items.

All ingots have been forged in a custom built furnace built by my brother Thomas Drewery in Lincolnshire - England.
Made from aluminium and weighing 280 grams, it is a substantial piece that showcases expert craftsmanship.
The design of each Silver Ingot is intricate, eye-catching, and totally unique. This process ensures they all their possess their own individual characteristics, thus making these bars a standout item in any collection.

Each ingot comes with a unique serial number and a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its provenance and value. This collectible is not only a symbol of support to the underground culture and the artist himself, but also a fine piece of art that we hope you will treasure for years to come.

- Luke Betts