I usually shoot with my Canon A-1 but I have a range of 35mm film cameras and lenses to create the specific look you are wanting to achieve with your project, and also have access to medium format, 8x10 and polaroid cameras for all other film types. We will discuss the details of your vision to determine the type of film we use for our photoshoot, making sure we get the correct colours and tones from the images. All of my film rolls are purchased from Safelight Berlin. https://safelightberlin.com/ - Providing 20 - 36 Photos from each roll of film. - Scanning all images as digital files. - Retouching and editing if needed. - Covers cost of film and developing. REMEMBER - Analog photography is unique because it's out of the hands of the algorithms, which means there is no guarantee that every photo will be perfect or usable. When you couple film with ageing cameras, you become prone to producing badly-exposed images, vignettes, double exposures, light leaks, and soft focus among many other “problems.” Although this sounds like bad news - there are instances when accidental shots, bad cameras or expired films unintentionally create surprisingly beautiful works of art. We call these “happy accidents” - They can never be replicated by a digital camera. Sure, you can digitally manipulate your photos to create light leaks and vignettes, but it’s just not the same. Deliberate manipulations will never beat authentic effects created unintentionally. Check the 'Analogue Film' tab in my portfolio to see examples of my film photography work.